June 24

20 supermans
20 alternating bird dogs- back stays flat, bellybutton pulls towards spine, no movement through hips or spine.
10 scap pushups
10 regular pushups

Strength part 1
5 rounds of: (yes, 5.)
*8 bicep curls
*8 skull crushers– pack shoulder blades hard into the ground, NO MOVEMENT through shoulder joint- only hinge from your elbow. Elbows point straight at ceiling the entire time.
*8 side raises– slight bend in elbows, keep your shoulders out of your ears!
*8 standing reverse flys– hinge forward, knees & elbows soft, back flat. THIS IS NOT A ROW. It’s a fly.
–> you can use different weights for each movement. The goal is to be heavy enough that it tires you out- but not so heavy that it slows you down forever. You will cycle through this in circuit fashion- after curls go to skull crushers, then to side raises, etc. until you’ve gone through 5 times.

Strength part 2
4 rounds of: (yes, 4.)
*8/8 weighted step ups- please choose a height and a weight that is appropriate for you.
*12 goodmornings or BB RDL’s (if you’ve never done good mornings before, today is not the day to try it for the first time. You will do an RDL with the barbell instead)
*16 death marches (L+R = 2 reps)- these are those walking RDL’s if you will. It’s like a walking lunge but it is NOT A LUNGE- it is a hip hinge.
*24 off the bench hip extensions- lay on your stomach on a bench and scoot back until your hips are at the end of the bench. Keep your legs straight the entire time while pulling your toes to your shins (flexing your foot), and use your glutes and hamstrings to raise your legs straight up and down.


You may start at either portion of the workout so long as you complete that segment before moving on to the next one.
Don’t forget to have fun, encourage and keep an eye on one another <3

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