September Open Gym

“A true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”
–> Would you skip sets, reps, and rounds if you were in class? Would you mix and match so that it’s only things you enjoy doing? Probably not. You owe it to yourself to do the work as written when you’re solo as you would in class. Otherwise, save yourself the time, stay home & knit a sweater.

Day 1:
3 rounds of:
20 supermans
20 hip bridges
20 Deadbugs with stability ball- slow and controlled. If you try to whiz through these, congrats! You’re doing yourself a disservice.

Strength: Take 4+ sets to work up to your heaviest set of 10 on Barbell Deadlifts– leaving 3-ish reps in your tank.
Example: 12 with the bar, 12 at 75#, 10 @ 100, 10 @ 115, 10 @ 135

Once you’ve found your heaviest set of 10, you will superset
10 deadlifts with 1 run to the green box for 5 rounds.
This is meant to be fast and dirty- no rest. Deadlift, run, deadlift, run, etc etc.
It should not be fun or easy.
You’re welcome 😉

After you’re done, rest 3-5 entire minutes finish with:
6 min EMOM:
5 ball slams
10 kettlebell swings

Explanation: complete 5 ball slams + 10 KBS– if this takes you 30 seconds, you will rest 30 seconds til the next minute begins. If 5 slams + 10 KBS takes you 50 seconds to complete, you have 10 seconds to rest until the next minute begins, etc etc etc.

Complete this for 6 minutes.

You’re done after that 🙂

Day 2:
:30 sec wrist stretch, each direction
15 light DB reverse flys
15 scap push-ups
inch-worms down the length of the gym, walking lunges back- 2x
**inchworms: start from standing, hinge over and walk out into a plank, walk feet back up to hands, COME ALL THE WAY UP TO STANDING, repeat until you’re on the other side of the gym.**

Strength: 2-4-6-8-10-12 DB OHP + pushups
2 OHP, 2 pushups
4 OHP, 4 pushups
etc etc.
You’ll want to pick a moderate weight to start with- the first 2 you’re going to be like “WOWEE! EASY!” It gets hard fast. You can drop the weight as you progress up the ladder if you need to.
Rest as little as possible.

5 rounds:
Heavy ass prowler push, down and back. You’re going for heaviness, NOT speed.
10 box jumps (modifications: 10 step-ups EACH LEG, or 10 heavy goblet squats)
–> Little to no rest until you’re done. <—

Day 3:

10 IYT’s, finish all I’s, then all Y’s, then all T’s
10 band pull-aparts
5/5 dying fish (on stomach, grab one wrist, and act like you’re bringing elbows to touch together behind you

Strength: Take 2-3 sets to work up to heaviest set set of 10 on DB floor press.
Once you’re at your heaviest set of 10, begin to superset with alternating DB snatches for 10 reps. (L+R = 2 reps) for 4 rounds.
So: 10 Db floor press, 10 alt DB snatches- rest here for ~30-60 sec, repeat 4x.

Accessories: No supersets, no circuits, finish where you start before you move on.
–>3 x 15 lat pull downs
–> 3 x 10 straight arm DB back rows
–> 3 x 20 banded tricep pushdowns
–> 3 x 20 plank on stability ball with roll out (slow and controlled and do not hold your breath)

Day 4:
part 1:
20 ankle circles, each direction, each ankle
20 ankle rock backs- up on toes, back on heels
20 wrist circles, hold your hands together, each direction
20 shoulder circles, each direction

part 2:
:30 seconds of each for 3 rounds
-plank (forearms)
-jumping jacks

–no official strength portion today—

Complete 4 rounds of:
-10 bicep curls
-10 tricep kickbacks
-10 side raises
-10 reverse flys
–> YES, you will use different weights for each movement. Pick accordingly. Rest as little as possible throughout.

Rest ~3-4 minutes, then complete
4 rounds of:
-10/10 weighted Step-Ups (don’t swing your arms!)
-10 RDL’s (this can be BB or DB, and should be fairly heavy)
-20 Stability ball hip bridges (knees stay bent, relax your toes, feet flat on ball)
–> Rest as little as possible throughout.

Done 🙂

Day 5: Go for a walk. Get out of the gym 🙂

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