Day 1
Jumping jacks
hip bridge marches

Strength: Back squats- 3 x 15. Take a few sets to work up to a moderate (and pretty) set of 15. Leave ~2-3 reps in the tank. Pretty over everything- if your form starts to go at any point, lower the weight. It’s pretty or nothing. Rest ~45 sec between sets.

3 rounds AFAP:

Take the weight used for back squats and use for BB deadlifts here.
10 BB deadlifts
10 burpees
400 meter row OR green box + back


Day 2:
45-60 lat stretch. Kneel in front of bench/box, forehead off box and pushes towards floor, elbows wide on box, fingers reach towards spine, push chest down to stretch lats.
30 sec wrist stretch- each direction

15 band pull aparts
15 scap push-ups

Work: Set yourself up for pull-ups in the squat racks- this can either be band-assisted pull-ups or jumping pull-ups. Listen- jumping pull-ups are not meant to feel like a box jump. You’re just giving yourself a little boost and then PULLING yourself up over the bar and CONTROLLING yourself on the way back down. Your head should be 6-7 inches away from the top of the bar- NON-NEGOTIABLE.

ascending ladder: 2-4-6-8-10
hand release push-ups- MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD. Drop to your knees, whatever you have to do.
2 pull-ups, 2 HR pushups, 4 of each, 6 of each, etc.
The goal is to take NO BREAKS. If you do 2 of each, send a text, 4 of each- take a drink of water, etc etc, you’ve 100% negated the purpose. Focus on it and push or don’t do it at all. (Yes, hi, welcome to IPSC where it’s tough love or nothing at all.)

3 x 15 bicep curls
3 x 12 DB skull crushers
3 x 10 DB side raises


Day 3
ABC’s on each ankle
20 hip bridges
2 x 45 sec. elevated hip bridge HOLD. Foot on edge of box/bench, push your hips UP, ribs are NOT FLARING OPEN. Relax your toes. Hold for 45 sec. Switch legs. Repeat 1 more time each leg.
20 squats

24 min work session of:

5 DB RDL’s
5 dual DB cleans
5 DB reverse lunges, each leg. Finish 1 side before switching to other.
5/5 tire strikes with sledge hammer. Please be perfectly aware of your surroundings before wielding the sledge hammer.

>>>DB complex will be done unbroken. Meaning, you do not put the DB’s down between RDL’s-Reverse lunges. Find a challenging weight and stick with it for the 24 minutes.


Day 4

2 rounds of:
30- plate Ground to overhead
20- jumping jacks
10- mountain climbers
5- squats

Work: 6-6-4-4-2-2 on BB Floor press
>>>AFTER EACH SET (all 6 above) , perform 5 pushups + 10/10 Single Arm bent over DB back rows- one side on a box/bench, the other rows.
>>>The weight on floor press will increase between each couplet, meaning- work up to your working weight for 6’s, go up again for 4’s, and up one more time for 2’s. Do not chase your ego- if your form sucks, you’re training your body to move with shit form. After EACH SET you will perform the pushups + SA DB back rows.

Accessories- not a circuit. complete one segment before moving on.
3 x 40 sec side planks, each side
> 3 x 40 sec regular plank, from elbows. For extra fun, put a plate or sandbag on your back.
> 3 x 40 sec EXTENDED stability ball plank. Elbows on ball, push it away from you SLIGHTLY and hold for 40 sec. If you feel this in your lower back, your hips are not tucked underneath you enough, your rib cage is flaring, and you’re not activating your core. Pull the ball in closer to you prior to deciding “I cannot do these.” If you’re still working on planks, you can do these from a box or bench, you will still be extended away from the box/bench, it just won’t be so wobbly 🙂

Day 5-7 Rest! Get out of the gym. Go for a walk, etc, etc

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