Day 1: you will spend a bulk of your time working on the warm-up and prep movements. The work is short today- but meant to be intense. Remember- as duration goes down, intensity increases. Do not skip the warm-up or half-ass it, it’s just as (if not more) important than the work itself.

>trace ABC’s with ankles-
slow, controlled, big movements.
>20 banded walks each direction
band above knees
>20 banded clam shells, each side. Make sure hips are in line with knees.
>20 banded hip bridges– knees and feet stay hip width apart
>20 standing calf raises
>20 plate ground to overhead- make sure you’re using your hips to finish the movement as the plate goes from the ground to over head.

4 rounds of:
sprint to green box and back + 20 overhead reverse lunges with plate (25-45#) (L+R= 2 reps)
–go as fast as possible and take little to no breaks between rounds. You should be pushing and pushing HARD from the second you start your four rounds til you finish all 4.

cool down: foam roll & stretch calves

Day 2: take plenty of time to get through the warm-up, including the 3 rounds of flys and pull aparts which are prepping your body for the cleans. Even still, before the work, take time to work with the barbell on your clean form. If you’re uncomfortable working on these alone, swap out the barbell for DB’s and you’ll be A-OK. Once you’re all ready to rock and roll, all you’ve gotta get through is 20 min of work! 😉

2-3 minutes to stretch wrists, do wrist circles, etc.
12 scap push-ups
12 hand release push-ups (practice good form with these- do from knees if you have to)
12 regular push-ups

3 rounds of:
12 standing reverse flys (light)
20 standing band pull aparts

take ~10 minutes to warm up your cleans & OHP  here. Practice triple extensions,
shrugs, & string it all together. Don’t forget to warm your OHP also.

20 min EMOM
3 BB cleans
3 BB overhead press

You have 1 minute to complete all 9 reps. Whatever time you have remaining within that minute is how long you rest for. Meaning, if you finish all 9 reps in 45 seconds, you will put your BB down and rest for 15 sec. until the next minute begins. (EMOM= every minute on the minute. Get it?)

You will use the same weight for all 9 reps- your limiting factor will be your overhead press. If you’re not sure about the barbell, you can do these exact patterns with DB’s.

You will not put the barbell down until all 9 reps have been completed. Find a weight that’s challenging for you, but DOES NOT SACRIFICE YOUR FORM. Please.

cool down: foam roll upper back, stretch wrists and forearms.
Day 3:

start with a LIGHT prowler- 1 plate each side
4 rounds of:
-light prowler push, down and back
15 KB deadlifts (not swings, deadlifts- from the floor- NOT AN RDL.
-high knee skips down and back the length of the gym- focus on extension through entire leg and getting as much height as possible.

Take time to start working up to your heaviest set of 5 on deadlifts. Use whatever modality of deadlift you’re most comfortable with: TB, BB, KB, etc.

work: EMOM 16 minutes– (every minute on the minute for 16 minutes)
0:00-1:00 5 heavy deadlifts
1:00-2:00- heavy prowler push down and back. Heavy. Hard.
2:00-3:00- 5 heavy deadlifts
etc, etc.

rest 2-3 minutes after EMOM then complete:

3 rounds of:
15 bicep curls
15 DB front raises
15 DB side raises

Cool down: stretch low back and hips
Day 4:

20 over the fence squats
walk down and back on your toes
walk down and back on your heels
20 banded squats (above knees)
20 alternating step-ups
20 jump squats

The work
3 rounds AFAP:
20 back squats (yep, 20.)
sprint— green box and back 2x
20 kettlebell swings

rest 5 minutes between rounds

3 rounds AFAP:
20 DB floor press
sprint– green box and back 2x
20 push-ups

cool down:
stretch and foam roll quads and calves, stretch chest in door way, do some child’s poses and downward dogs.

Day 5-7– get out of the gym!!!! Go home, live a life, go for a walk, take a nap, go for a hike, drink a beer- whatever.

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