Just eat the fucking pasta: and other things I say with love

I’m using these pictures on purpose. They were taken about 5 days apart and I desperately wanted to get your attention. AND I have a confession to make… Here is a list of what I had eaten in between these two photos, and this is not an exhaustive list, by any means. Wednesday afternoon/evening: -1 Panera salad with dressing -1 bageutte from … Read More

Fat Mindset Vs. Fit Mindset

I’ve been trying REALLY hard to put myself back into the mindset I was in before this whole “fitness and eating healthy” thing became a consistent part of my routine and lifestyle. To be honest, it’s hard for me to even remember what that felt like. It seems so far away now. One thing I know beyond a shadow of a … Read More

Healthy Food Made Me Fat

I remember when I first stumbled upon healthy eating blogs. I was 19, sitting in my college apartment, and overwhelmed with excitement and new information on how to FINALLY get my shit together and learn to eat healthy & lose weight. I took notes and immediately stocked up on all sorts of new foods: -Quinoa -Flax Seeds -Chia Seeds -Almond … Read More