Why Personal Training Doesn’t Always Work

I think I say this the most often: “I am not a magician.” Yet, I think women hire me and expect me to wave a magic wand over them and POOF! Results galore. Personal training doesn’t always work. I used to take it super personally when someone would hire me and not see results. I must be doing something wrong! … Read More

Fat Mindset Vs. Fit Mindset

I’ve been trying REALLY hard to put myself back into the mindset I was in before this whole “fitness and eating healthy” thing became a consistent part of my routine and lifestyle. To be honest, it’s hard for me to even remember what that felt like. It seems so far away now. One thing I know beyond a shadow of a … Read More

Healthy Food Made Me Fat

I remember when I first stumbled upon healthy eating blogs. I was 19, sitting in my college apartment, and overwhelmed with excitement and new information on how to FINALLY get my shit together and learn to eat healthy & lose weight. I took notes and immediately stocked up on all sorts of new foods: -Quinoa -Flax Seeds -Chia Seeds -Almond … Read More

How To Get Abs: the experiment results & why it didn’t work

womp womp. I’ve done almost one month of so. many. ab. exercises at the end of each of my workouts and have zero results to show for it. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. Women and clients almost always want to spot reduce, with an emphasis on losing their midsection. They request more ab exercises, time and time again. While … Read More

The “How To Get Abs” Experiment

There’s a lot of stuff I see at the commercial gym up the street that drives me absolutely insane. The Corrective Exercise Specialist in me comes out when I see horrible deadlift form that looks more like a squat off the floor than an actual hip hinge. I cringe when I see people’s heels leaving the floor during a back … Read More