Iron Phoenix Strength Club was founded in 2012 and formerly known as CMOfitness. After 5 years of changing lives out of a single car garage, Christina expanded into a 2,000 square foot warehouse. Christina’s vision had not only out-grown her garage, but also the name of her business. In November 2017, CMOfitness became Iron Phoenix Strength Club.

The mission and the vision has never changed: to educate and empower women (and men) to discover their inner badass by using strength training as their primary form of exercise, embrace health and happiness at any fitness level, any size, and any shape.

Through scientifically crafted workouts, sustainable approaches to diet, and relentlessly positive and powerful attitudes, Christina has transformed the lives of over hundreds of women.

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Meet Christina

Hi friends!
I was a formerly overweight, binge-eating, cardio-junkie. Everything that I teach to my clients is exactly what I needed when I thought that cardio was the key to my weight problems, and that dieting was the key to my food addiction. Turns out, none of that is true.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2013, just one year into testing my hand at this whole “business owner” thing, I realized that being strong was my best asset; and an invaluable one at that.

I teach women how to get strong while moving their body with intention. I teach them to stop dieting forever, repair their relationship with food and their body image, and adopt strength as the antidote to many of life’s problems.

Lifting weights and breaking up with long distance running is what changed my body and mind forever. Learning how to eat without being on a diet was the most challenging, yet liberating thing that has ever happened to me. And I continue to change lives, just one at a time, each and every day using the methods, tools, and resources that I have created.

Iron Phoenix embodies everything that I am and everything that I hope to be. It captures the essence of everything I have built and will continue to build. It is the community within these walls.

An Iron Phoenix is incredibly resilient. It is courageous in the face of all of life’s difficulties. It does not shy away from hard tasks, but rather, rises to meet obstacles fearlessly. It handles defeat with grace. It will burst into flame, fall into a pile of ash, only to rise again- stronger.

If that’s you or if that is who you hope to be-
I cannot wait to meet you & welcome you to the Iron Phoenix Strength Club!