Iron Phoenix
Strength Club

Come as you are. Leave better.

Join the only

Woman-Owned Women-Focused Body Positive
training facility in the Midwest

Liberating Women From Ellipticals and Diets Since 2012

Iron Phoenix Strength Club is the only woman-owned, women-focused, body positive strength & conditioning facility in the Midwest.

We have one goal here: to build confidence through strength training.

We do not focus on the outdated ideas of women’s beauty. We are not quiet, fragile women with a goal of only shrinking and getting smaller. We are powerful, strong, confident women. We’re not afraid to get dirty, to work hard, to make commitments to ourselves, and we do not shy away from the rewarding endeavor of building strength.

We are resilient- in and out of the gym. The outdated ideas of gyms and trainers that only encourage women to get as skinny as possible, to weigh as little as they possibly can is old, outdated, and discouraging.

Here? You’re allowed to grow. You’re allowed to be strong and take up space. You’re allowed to learn, to ask questions, to explore new ideas of what feeling confident can finally feel like for you.